Tru-Heart Labradors is an established hobby breeder situated between Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida, that proudly produces the finest dual-purpose chocolate, yellow, and black Labrador Retriever puppies available in Florida today.  Our puppies are sold on a limited-registration basis to pet homes only, and we take pride in the fastidious, loving, and stimulating environment in which they are raised. Because we want every Tru-Heart puppy to find the best possible "forever home", you must submit an application before we discuss pricing or accept a deposit for one of our outstanding puppies.

 We are currently accepting applications 
for chocolate, yellow, and black 2021/2022 litters. 

Our Breeding Philosophy -
The pedigrees of all of our dams and sires contain champion show and/or working bloodlines, including Tabatha, Sandylands, Dickendall, Lawnwood, and Rocheby; however, out-crossing  (creating new genetic combinations by bringing together genes from unrelated Labradors to eliminate undesirable traits caused by recessive genes) is the fundamental philosophy of our breeding program.  We do not inbreed.  How do wild animal populations manage to remain healthy for thousands of generations (without DNA testing)? They don't lose important genes from the gene pool. In the wild, animals occasionally move from herd to herd, or flock to flock, which helps to restore genetic diversity to the population. If a particular group becomes isolated, and new individuals are prevented from entering the population, the gene pool is effectively closed. Breeders of other domestic animals understand this. Dogs are no different, and we put this truth into practice. By adhering to our scientifically-proven breeding philosophy, we ensure that Tru-Heart puppies are born with sound temperaments, aesthetically-pleasing conformation, good bone, and genetic health and vigor.  Please read the following article on this subject by the Canine Institute of Biology:

Inbreeding and the Immune System:
Unintended Consequences

English or American? 
There is only one breed of dog known as the Labrador Retriever, as described by the official Standard of the Breed. Within the Labrador breed, there are variations in body styles produced according to the preferences of individual breeders. In the U.S., the general public has begun to mistakenly label these variations as "English" or "American", but more accurate descriptions are "show/conformation" or "working/ field" styles.  In fact, the vast majority of Labrador Retrievers have moderate body styles much closer to the written breed standard.  Whether bred from show/conformation or working/field parents, individual puppies within a litter will mature to represent the entire range - rarely the extremes - of the two styles. When choosing a Lab puppy, remember that these labels do not predict temperament or trainability as an adult.

2017 Psychology Today article:
INCREASED Aggression in Spayed or Neutered Dogs


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