About Tru-Heart Labradors

Tru-Heart Labradors was founded out of love for the breed and with the intent of producing the highest-quality Labrador Retriever puppies available in Florida.  We have a combined total of 60+ years of experience in raising and training dogs of all breeds, but the Labrador Retriever breed stole our hearts over 20 years ago.


First and foremost, we breed to strengthen and continue our breeding program.  We produce well-rounded Labrador Retrievers to become family and personal companions, but they are also suited for service, obedience, agility, rally, and field work.  Since our first litter was whelped in early 2005, we can proudly state that no Tru-Heart Labradors puppy has been returned to us for any health or temperament-related reason whatsoever.

Our Labs have 5 acres to explore and a large pond for swimming and water-retrieving games.  We give your new family member an exceptional start, as your life-long companion. Tru-Heart Labradors puppies are born in a secluded, professional whelping environment inside our home, and from the moment they enter the world, they have round-the-clock care, attention, and love.